The Mirror Balcony
Shortfilm in development
Character Design & Visual Development

Shortfilm in development
Character Design & Visual Development

Character Design

Cabeza de Tomate
Character Design

Play with Heart - Nike
Rudo Company
Character Layouts & Character Design

Dinn Cards - Sisyphus Systems, inc.
Dinn is both an expandable card game, and an ARG
Lead Illustrator

Videoclip - Kenia OS
Background Design & Layout

I’m Daniel Hincapié, a Character Designer with previous experience in TV Animation, Videoclips, Mobile Games, and Boardgames. I’ve been involved in many projects with different visual styles and narratives where I was in charge mainly of Visual Development, Storyboarding, and/or Storytelling.Artistic Residence
Casa del Autor Zapopan - México

Awarded to “The Mirror Balcony”
7-Minute Shortfilm.
Pixelatl Shortway 2024
Finalist and Special Mention
“The Mirror Balcony” - Creator and Director.
NextLab 2024
Finalist with TV miniseries project called “The Greatest Ruin” - Created by Douglas de La Hoz.
Producer and Storyboard Artist
Pixelatl Shortway 2023
“Claro” - Creator and Director.

Sisyphus Systems, Inc. / Contract
Dinn Cards. Trading Card Game/Mystery Game.

Art Director. Lead illustrator for a small team and Illustrate various concepts for the cards as well.
2023 June/July
Rudo Company / Freelance
Wang Shuang | Play With Heart | Nike Football.

Character Layout and Character Design.
2023 April/May
Dinamita Animation / Freelance
Harry Styles Love on tour Produced by Open The Portal

Supervising Director, responsible for:
Daily meetings with directors and producers and overseeing general art production at Dinamita.
Supervising Background Art and Storyboard of a small team.
Make proposals for direction and narrative.
2023 March/April
Dinamita Animation / Freelance

Character Design and Visual Development for a movie under NDA.
2022 October
Tunjayork Creative Studio/ Freelance
"Kenia OS - La invitation"

2D Background Artist for musical video.
Layout and Color (Background Design).

2022 September/October
Mompozt 3D Animation Studio/ Freelance
Danonino TV Commercial

Character Design and turnarounds.
2022 August/September
PeekPaax / Freelance

2D Background Artist for Feature Film - TBA
Layout and Color (Background Design)
2022 May/July
Madbricks Videogame Company /Contract

Concept Artist for Dumb Ways To Die 3 (Mobile Game)
Concept Character Design, Prop Design and Set Design.
2022 February
Daniel Cuervo / Freelance
Adult Swim's Ambient Swim Anime Retro

Background Assistant for Daniel Cuervo's animated short for Adult Swim.
2022 January
INNK Animation Studio / Freelance
Kew Gardens

Storyboard and Animatic for a two-minute length AD.
2021 September/December
Dinamita Animation Studio / Contract

Storyboard Artist for multiple projects:
Five (5) short episodes for "Así es la Vuelta", Canal Trece.
(2) Animatics for TV Commercials, one-minute length.
Animatic for TV Show, seven minutes-length.
Animatic for a short film soon TBA.